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I'm not Perfect. [entries|friends|calendar]
Sebastien Lefebvre

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[21 Sep 2003|10:29am]
i feel like i missed a lot and i don't know why :-\ someone want to fill me in? because i haven't really checked the community lately which i should've because we got a new stevo and a new kelly clarkson so hi stevo and kelly! and wow we got a new jason too i love jason mraz. He's such a cool guy..well i don't know him, but i wish i did because i love his music and he's now one of my idols he's so great.

I've been sleeping a lot since well..i've been lacking it for quite some time.People need to come back around like avril because i love her and i need to talk to her.I haven't talked to her in days really, it's sad..it makes me sad.And a lot of people, um..i talked to David a little bit and i finally talked to Matt after 92347234 years for a little that was nice. I miss talking to Jere! Jere talk to me sob :'( and i miss talking to Elisha ,Kenny,Chuck,Pat,Pie,Tori my princess,Jessica alba,justin, just everyone i talk to...Okay i'm done rambling i'm gonna stay online all day hopefully without being kicked off i bet i will though so if anyone wants to talk to me my sn is suck on seb i'm nice and willing to make new friends. Wow, i feel like i'm introducing myself again like it's my first day or something how..weird, heh.

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[15 Sep 2003|06:20am]
[ mood | groggy ]

it's 6 in the morning.heh, i feel kind of sick today so i don't know what i'll do.Why am i updating this at 6 in the morning? why am i sitting here, with my laptop, writing this write now? i swear, i always update when i have nothing to say and i really need to stop.I've been completely anti social, and yeah that needs to stop too i think.

I won't make this a big long entry, i just need to get some feelings and thoughts out of my head before i freak myself out or something.To tell the truth, i don't know what i'm thinking, i never know what i'm thinking about because i always have so much in my head that it just confuses me.I go blank.I'm not sure about anything anymore..i think, no i know for a fact that the only thing i'm sure about is that i am in love with the most amazing person in the entire world..that's the only thing, the rest is just confusing.The band, shows,recording and stuff just makes me stressed and i really don't want to deal with it right now.I want to get away from everything that's stressing me out.Just take Pie and runaway someplace that no one knows about, so we won't get hasseled or nagged about this and that, and just relax with each other.just us.But, i don't know when that will happen, that's another thing i keep thinking about is that i will never have time to spend with him,or anyone for that matter.God, how i want to spend every waking minute in his arms..but that won't happen.To be honest, i have no idea when that will really get to happen.

Why am i making this so long again? i'm so pathetic sometimes i know.I'm just lonely and confused.I just need to get away,but i have a job to do and i won't let anyone suffer from my stupidity.On a lighter note, Chuck's birthday is Wednesday.I'm excited, he's my best friend i gotta get him something cool or i'll feel bad, i'm not the type of person to just say 'happy birthday', i gotta make it special, i like making the ones i love laugh and smile..it gives me some sort of relief i guess.I haven't been around as much, i will though..i haven't even talked to anyone what so ever, not even avril, so that just proves how anti social i've actually been.Please forgive me, i will be around.Alright, this update was so much longer than i had expected, and i'm exhausted i have no clue why i'm up this early, someone give me some coffee or nyquil, i hate being so groggy.I'd rather be up or asleep either one. And why is this font so small? alright i'm done...

I love you Pie, hope to talk to you soon <3

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[10 Sep 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I am sad sob. I miss everyone i need to be on my sn 247 or something to catch my friends if ever they sign on...

I miss Pierre, he died on me i think i shall die too :'( no i won't i'm just sad that there's nothing going on and i miss him i miss him i miss him..god i miss him terribly, my heart aches and my head is spinning, ew am i overreacting? no i'm not i'm just in love and when i can't be near the one i trully love for the longest time i get sick..it's weird how this happens to me, last time it happened i was in highschool, sad i know because teens don't know what love is, but some do and i admit i was in love in highschool and when they moved away i got sick to the point where i wanted to just lock myself in my room, curl up in my bed and never ever come out. I sound stalker-ish..but it's true.and i miss him and i love him...I only talk to Avril, she's my best friend and i don't know what i would do without her she's my star, i'd rob a quik-e-mart for her anyday.

I'm done..off to do nothing like i have been for weeks now heh :[

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[07 Sep 2003|10:19am]
[ mood | okay ]

I guess i should update eh? i've been slacking in everything i need to sit down and focus or something, but it's really hard to when you have so much on your mind and stuff.Not anything bad if that's what you're assuming, don't worry i'm not thinking about mostly bad stuff the whole time, just the fact that i have so much work,and not enough time to sit down and enjoy what i want to,and yes i may seem selfish,but when it comes to my family,my friends,and my husband i can really be that way because i love them all equally with all my heart and when i do feel that way i tend to have a selfish side to me at times.

Touring is good, we're doing a show on the 10th which i'm excited about.I can't wait to do it i don't know why THAT show exactly but yeah i'm excited about it like i said, it'll be fun.I'm looking forward to going home, whenever that will be i'm still looking forward to it.I miss my family and friends, i miss my room and my bed and my mom's cooking..oh yeah she's a good cook i don't know why you needed to know that but oh well she just is.I also want to get my own place for once and stop living with my parents,i mean come on i'm in my twenties and still living at home with my mom that's pretty sad.I want to get a place with Pierre so we can finally live together and actually act married you know what i mean? the hotels and tour buses don't exactly count as living together to me.I like to know that i have someplace of OUR OWN to come back to and relax and be with the one i love more than life itself.

And i'm rambling again,well at least this is longer than i expected it to be, and i'm writing it with some sort of intelligence, well i hope i am.Okay, well i'm off to find something to do for i don't know how long..whatever it takes to keep me occupied until i see my beautiful husband again, haha i sounded really cheesy right there oh well i love you Pierre.


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[03 Sep 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i bought myself 6 months paid time..i just spoil myself not really.:-\ and i'm not rich either don't mooch off me for a paid account no just kidding i love you all :-*

i miss people, i only talk to avril, i talked to her today about something that was bugging me and i'm soooo sosososososo happy she's here to talk to,if she wasn't i'd be dead or something who knows.But yes she's fucking great and i love her to death we're getting married this means she'll have 3 husbands, what a fucking pimp i swear hahaha.Oops sorry Pierre hope you don't mind i'm marrying avril it's okay i still love you.But yeah this post is going to be about Avril because I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE UPDATE ABOUT AT ALL avrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebestavrilisthebest

bet you liked that one eh? i made a couple new icons for myself since live journal is on my good side again and stuff, so yeah woopdie doo.Okay i'm done with this,okaybye.

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[02 Sep 2003|04:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Lefebvre said the band members have their reasons to root for 50 Cent. "It would be great to win, but I'm kind of scared like maybe we would get shot by 50 Cent's posse," Lefebvre said.

..yeah i'm scared of 50 cent so what :-\

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[01 Sep 2003|05:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

God there's nothing to update about but i feel like updating..so i will.:-P

I'm watching Sixteen Candles at the moment in my hotel room,pretty cool i like this movie i can watch it over and over because it's really funny.Molly Ringwald is a cool actress.Um, so work is hectic, i miss my husband,even though i see him everyday i never get to at least have a 2 minute conversation with him without getting pulled for a shoot,or show,or promo,or signing,so yeah..sob it's sad and i'm stuck here by myself in my hotel room because GASP i have a break and i choose to spend it laying down because my legs hurt me kind of.

Thanks to Avril for making me new icons,Live journal is being really pissy and uploading mine all fucked up, is anyone else expieriencing that or is that just me,maybe it's just me because i see nice icons from some people and mine are ugly.Well not anymore since Avril made them,except for one that chose to be a dick and look funny oh well i'll keep it it'll be my special icon don't make fun of it okay.VMA's were awesome, and i'm over not winning because we were only nominated once and that's good enough for me, 50 cent deserved best new artist because hi we suck :-\ it's all good.And i'm over not winning anything at Nl_awards too because yet again, i suck so it doesn't really matter.:D

I'm glad to be back with my bandmates and back in America,even though i would much rather be back in Canada with my family,i miss my family i think i'm getting homesick again, i always get homesick from time to time.All i want is to grab Pierre,go back to Canada,and spend time with both our families -sigh- Hi pierre,i'll have my conversation on here because i want to.I love you and i hope you're doing okay even though i know you're what..in the room next to me or something i don't know what you're doing at the moment.miss you baby <3

Oh wow i made a long entry go me.And it was all a bunch of bullshit too i really don't know what else to say.I miss chuck,he needs to come back soon sob.okay i'm done now ,later kids.

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[30 Aug 2003|02:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

It's okay..i know i'm most friendly i don't need an award to tell me that :)

oooh and bitterness turns to cockyness i'm gettin' good :)

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[29 Aug 2003|11:05am]
[ mood | blah ]

Yeah we suck,we lost..what was the point in going anyways wtf they showed 50 cent's video after ours that was just screaming you're a bunch of losers.sorry i'm bitter at the moment you're gonna have to excuse me.plus i had the most horrible nights sleep imaginable.nightmares suck people,i may be in my twenties but i still have really bad nightmares and i get scared oops i just admitted that oh well.I hung out with Avril mostly at the vmas manly because i missed her,hi avril i love you and last night was fun!:)and i come back from a really good vacation,best yet,and we have a shitload of work so hey guess whos gonna be tired? me me me.

Okay that's all and i probably won't sign online today ...eh i don't know why i'm just tired and in the lurking mood.later kiddies.

oh yeah Happy Birthday David:),have a good one,even though you probably won't read this *shrugs*

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[25 Aug 2003|12:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I'm lagging on my updates i don't know what's wrong with me.But i'm dedicating this entry to all the people i don't talk to really because i miss them and i love them a lot.Pat,Avril,Chuck, all of you.

Hey still in Paris, life is good..should be heading back soon if we're gonna be doing shows and recording, but oops i can't seem to get enough strength in me to pack i'll make Pierre do it for me. no just kidding i love him i wouldn't do that plus i'm a clean freak i do it all myself heh..

Um, i'm sitting here watching The wade robson project..why you ask?i don't know either really...maybe i'll pick up som dance moves and then i can try out.that'd be cool..i'll leave SP and become a backup dancer for nsync,no i suck i'll stick with playing guitar for a sucky band ;)

I'm gonna try and make this long to make up for my lack of updating, i just can't seem to find anything to update about at all.hah i just noticed i'm making like little paragraphs maybe that'll make it seem like i've been giving this a lot of thought..really i haven't i'm going off the top of my head.

let's see..hi Chuck i miss talking to you when you don't be mean to me and stuff, hi Pat i miss talking to you period because you're my best friend and i talk to you about everything, and hi Avril i miss talking to you the most because well you're the only girl i really talk to, you and Elisha, but i talk to you the most and a lot of things and you mean a lot to me.End shout outs paragraph Here.

I think i updated enough for today, i'm gonna be active today i'll post in every community except for the adoptions,girls,juniors,and the nasty sex ones because well 1.i'm not in some of them,2.i dont need nasty sex okay thanks, 3.i'm not a girl,and 4.i'm not a junior even though i like them HEY Tori my little princess whats up? hah :) okay i'm done for real now,later.

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[22 Aug 2003|07:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


i got you a present and i hope you like it!

it's not sex but it'll do Collapse )

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[22 Aug 2003|04:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

hi i'm seb from simple plan...

simple plaaaann..



ew yeah i'm a retard when it's 4 in the morning or something

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[19 Aug 2003|01:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Okay so it's been ..i'd say about a week since i last updated? Nothing has gone on up until last night.I mean words can not even explain how that all went, it was just perfect, and no matter how hard i try to find the right words to say i can't, never in a million years.You see,there's this man..he's amazing,he's just my everything, now he's my husband.Half way through it, it hit me..we were getting married,just us two, together.Saying those vows was so hard to do,but not in a bad way you know? in a..' i think about to cry my eyes out and i can't say anything because i'm choked up' way, but hearing them come from his mouth..was just beautiful.

I still can't believe that we did it.I think it's still processing through my head..slowly,but when i look in his eyes,and see his beautiful smile..i know that this is the person i will be with for the rest of my life, and i'm not afraid of what's to come.Wow, i must've dreamt about this moment years ago..just dreaming of him,us being together, and now it's a reality.I love him so much, and i told him i would never get tired of saying it.ever.I would say it every waking minute if i wanted, but i'm pretty sure it would be annoying,heh.But every chance i get i will.I can't take this for granted, i won't take this for granted.This is real and honest and true.He has my heart, he has my soul and my undying love, and now he has my words..my vows that i meant and that i said directly to him face to face,looking into his eyes.I could'nt help but cry, it was just perfect.I love you Pierre, and i am beyond happy to have you as my husband..and i can't wait to share the rest of my life with you...

..Okay, on another note, things are going well in Paris.Really cold, i'm freezing my nuts off..well no not really but you get what i'm saying, i've been roaming around and found cool shops and stuff..yeah i need to be on real world i find better places than those lazy asses.Plus, they have a hot tub and a pool table and i don't, so i'm saving up for both of 'em, then i'll have a party..well i don't know maybe i'll just relax in the hot tub with Pie ;) haha.See i'm trying to bring the funny into this entry i don't want it to be totally sappy or 'awwwww' the whole time you know..but i'm failing at it miserably so i will end this now.I'm hungry i need breakfast..okay wtf it's the afternoon..oh well..

Pie <3333333333

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[11 Aug 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Yeah i'm cool now i did the cut tagCollapse )

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Yeah i know how to use cut tags i just wanna piss matt off :-P [09 Aug 2003|06:39pm]
<td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Date</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">January 21, 2027</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Spouse</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Pierre Bouvier</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Price of Wedding</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">$1,064,497</td></tr>
Who Will You Marry? by Sari
Created with quill18</a>'s MemeGen!

Yes i edited it BUT SHH and wow that date is a long ways away
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[09 Aug 2003|12:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i should update,Because my life has gone from confusing and nerve wracking to perfect in just a day.It's so great it really is, I seriously can't believe i said what i did,that i got up all the courage to look him in the eyes and say it all.-laughs- i even had it all written out how stupid is that? yes i'm slow i was looking it over for hours,then when i just was there with him alone, looking at him looking at me, it all just came out and i completely forgot what was on that paper.I'm happy things turned out the way they did, and i'm happy that in just a short amount of time this amazing man is going to be with me forever.I would've never thought this would actually happen to me.My best friend,now my lover, and soon to be my husband. I love him, he's perfect..perfect for me.What more can i say? i'm getting married and i just want to tell the whole world, because that's how much he makes me happy, he always will.

Okay end of sappiness right now! me,avril,chuck,and pierre went laser tagging yesterday.Okay personally it sucked because yeah me and avril lost like bitches and had to go naked and buy all this shit and stuff.And this was my idea too,well not the naked part the laser tag part and yeah i need to smack myself for ever comming up with it >:o but it was fun.Talked to josh again, i really like talking to him it's funny and cool.He's a great person and you know you are Josh don't h8 on yourself :D! much love.David i need to buy you more slut shirts but in kid sizes maybe they sell them at t shirt mart for 5 bucks i need to check,if not i will always make them, psh i'm crafty when i wanna be.

Warped.over.in.like.2.days. wooo i'm excited, just a couple more shows here and there and then studio time and then i will spend every minute with my baby and all will go perfect i know it.

One more thing, >lo<~angry blind man,Jere can't spell for shit but thats okay you invent the coolest words WTD man i love you anyways i'll buy you hooked on phonics for your wedding present<3

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[08 Aug 2003|01:45pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Wow i think i stayed up too late..wait no i did stay up too late.I was talking to Jere the whole time i think we were the only ones online at one point i'm not so sure.Anyways we could be the most random people here i swear, the things that we come up with to talk about are just so random but so funny, the brave little toaster thing had me rollin' it was so hilarious.And we talked about other things too, which i'm glad i could talk to him about i think he's the only person i could relate to on certain levels and yeah, now i know i can talk to him whenever i need to heh.He's awesome and he owns me no matter what he says he does i love 'em to death..

Warped is over in a couple days.I'm excited yet sad that it's comming to an end, but at least we only have some more random shows to do then its studio time again..i can't wait for that we'll finally have some time off and shit it'll be great to spend some time with Pierre.We talked about buying a house together, that would be so nice..just being able to live with him.I don't know i can never say how amazing he is enough really.And some things have been on my mind a lot lately i'm not sure if i could really get out the words to say them,but when i do hopefully i won't sound like a total nutcase.like how i want to runaway to paris and get married but oops you really didn't read that okay yeahBut i can't wait to go back to Canada eh to Avril's for the after party it'll be a blast to hang out with everyone and stuff.

I'm too tired now.I slept off and on all day until just now, but i think i'm gonna lay back down till later on i'm not sure depends on if i'm able to go back to sleep no doubt i will.Spamming people is fun on aim i spammed my love Josh and won his heart, but i feel sad because Elisha and Kenny are mad at me and Elisha wont talk to me and Kenny is having an abortion when i don't want him to, why do you want to kill my babies? sob. but i am sorry really i love you guys.

Shout outs to:Chuckyou are so weird to talk to at 4 in the morning,Davidi do not babysit rats,Justin you are the greatest at song writing,Avril i love you your party will be awesome,Lishiedon't hate me please,Kris Roe wants you like whoaKenny don't kill my babies,Matt Bhoneymoon in hawaii fo sho ;),JC -happy birthday again hehe:),Pie my love <3,PAT YOU NEED TO COME BACK LIKE NOW K,Matt watch out i have hidden cameras everywhere:D,Jereyou own me bitch end.

ps this update was retarded

Edit-i totally forgot to shot out to Josh but you know i love you i'm just spacing out you can hit me 92732907 times later when i'm not so out of it okay? i love josh i love josh i love josh i love josh k end.

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[07 Aug 2003|07:20pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Avril made me a new layout..i love it thank you avvy<33

check it out here:

ps i love pierre and not you oops:-*

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[06 Aug 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Make love, not war.:D


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[03 Aug 2003|09:36am]
[ mood | blah ]

so i should update.on what i do not know.Well maybe i do , yeah i do so i will start my update now.

Avril left us.what a dork she all left me and stuff, no i kid i hope she gets better and she knows i'm always here for her dorky butt 'cuz i love her.Chuck if you don't stop bragging about that damn hotel suite and making me jealous i will kill you foo! >:o! kidding again you're lucky you got a nice bed to all sleep in and stuff.David should really come back to life and stop lurking before i shrink all his clothes,nevermind they're already shrunk to the max.Okay i'm done with the making fun of David's clothes size..well for now that is. last night was pretty good..Matt,Jere,And Josh are very amusing i like to hang around them they make me laugh..not to mention they'e dorks like me i think us dorks stick together it's a thing.Josh our secret movie is the most hilarious thing in the world i'm gonna watch it again today. Jere i really want to go bungee jumping i hope you were serious because i know i am, im so up for it even though Matt is chicken but it's all good i still love you matt you're so cool :)I took a walk with Pierre last night also.That was really nice just watching the stars and being with him just talking and joking around.I miss the joking around and being dorky i need to do it more often again with him, i like making him laugh it makes me happy,and i could go on and on about him for a lifetime but i'll spare you all the sappiness just once.Talked to Agent M last night too she's a real cool girl.I'm now Agent S that was like my dream to ask her if i could be called that i'm glad she said it was cool, we own every one and their mom so booyah ;x And look avril i'm starting to write like you, it's the canuck way to be people believe dat.I was watching Pats videos on our website beause hi i was so fucking bored and pat makes stupid funny movies so yeah, i saw the one where i was getting hit by the bus in the 'im just a kid' video..i am too weird i'm glad i didn't die, i was fortunate enough to only come out with like bruises and a broken leg huh jere? one of the lucky ones. Okay so i'm gonna stop in hopes that my lovely friends will load me with tons of comments :-D OKAYBYE!

p.s-that was from the video too the okaybye thing incase you didnt know.Go to www.Simpleplan.com ..shameless plug don't h8.

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